Revolutionising your online shopping experience with a low-cost way to replace damaged, lost or stolen orders quickly, with no fuss.

Ship-Safely's Shipping Protection is backed by 5-star reviews worldwide.

With increasing numbers of people experiencing the inconvenience of damaged deliveries, lost parcels and doorstep piracy, Ship-Safely removes the headache of replacing items, for consumers through its innovative Shipping Protection.

A safety net against the rising tide of delivery issues

The growth in online shopping has also seen a surge in packages being damaged, lost or stolen throughout the shipping process.

According to recent research, more than 50 per cent of online shoppers have experienced this issue in the past two years.

Remove the frustration and use Ship-Safely Shipping Protection.

Ship-Safely provides online shoppers the option to select low-cost Shipping Protection at the checkout, with the knowledge that they will be able to easily get a damaged, lost or stolen product replaced quickly.

How to use the service

When you checkout, we automatically enable the Ship-Safely shipping protection.

Orders up to the value £4,000 are eligible to use this service.

The cost of the service is 1.6% of your order value. For example if your order value is £100, the cost of the Ship-Safely will cost £1.60. The minimum charge for the service is £1.23.

In the event of a order cancelation with Ship-Safely insurance added we are unable to refund the value of the insurance provided, however you can request a refund from Ship-Safely directly, see the details here.

If you wish to opt out of the Ship-Safely service, click on the blue toggle to disable the service. You can read the full details of the terms & conditions of this service below. The Ship-Safely policy documentation can be found here

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Ship-Safely Enquiries:

How to make a Ship-Safely claim

By filling out a simple online claim form and providing basic supporting evidence - such as images of damaged items, tracking information, or a police report for lost or stolen goods - Ship-Safely will place a replacement order within 48 hours, once approved.

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