One tree planted every time you shop with us

Croft Home & Garden automatically contributes to nature-based solutions through Reewild, helping to remove carbon from the atmosphere and restore nature. Eden Reforestation Projects are Worldwide.

Our success is community-driven

At the center of Eden Reforestation Projects is our relationships with local communities. We work alongside them to restore and monitor over 241,150 hectares of land, thereby creating jobs to support the communities and environment in the long-term.

The Eden Reforestation Projects teams have a great commitment to restoration and a sense of ownership to protect their forests long-term.

  • Adapting to the situation: Elephants in the tree nursery with Eden

    This sounds like the title of a children’s book, but it has actually been a significant problem for our Kenya team. Our Ol Mariko nursery in Kenya is located on the path of an “elephant highway”, and elephants have tended to tromp through our planting beds, flattening the seedlings. Read more here

  • Collaborating beyond borders with Eden

    One advantage of working in many countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America is that our reforestation teams can share best practices and creative solutions to unusual problems, helping raise our productivity across the organization. One example of that involved crabs. Read more here

  • Protecting wildlife at Madagascar’s nature center with Eden

    When areas are deforested, wildlife like chameleons are forced to relocate and often face extinction. Our reforestation efforts in Madagascar protect and restore natural habitats by employing thousands of people living in extreme poverty to produce, plant, and guard to maturity millions of trees every month across the world. In 2018. Read more here

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  • Amélia’s story: leaving a legacy through reforestation with Eden

    When Amélia Alberto Cilengue’s husband was murdered, she was left with no source of income to support her children. In search of a steady job, Amélia was introduced to our team and hired as a planter. Read more here

  • Nima at one of the sites in Nepal with Eden

    Nima's story: overcoming Nepal's lockdown
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Nima Dolma Lama lost her hotel business and found herself not knowing how she would survive. This led Nima to connect with our Nepal tree planting team for a full-time position restoring the environment. Read more here

  • What is landscape restoration with Eden?

    Evolving evidence suggests that planting trees alone is not moving the global needle on poverty nor adequately addressing the pressures driving landscape degradation and conversion worldwide. Read more here

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